Black Butterfly – a poetry compilation

I can remember attending a wedding when the maid of honor stood to speak. I knew the relationship between the MOH and the bride was a strong one, there was a lot of love there, a lot of support in tough times, a lot of mutual growth when those tough times separated them. It is difficult to generate a heartfelt speech that communicates that much caring, faith, and love. After receiving “Black Butterfly: The Journey – The Victory” through a giveaway, I wanted to be able to travel back in time to just before that wedding day and hand this book to the her. Many of the poems exude the feelings I know she wanted to express.

The poems touch on a variety of lifelong relationships and messages to friends and family. Many touch on the African American experience specifically and many are universal. There is love and growth as the poems progress.

I would recommend this book to anyone seeking the right words to express complicated, nuanced relationships with family, friends, and community. The poetry itself is written in multiple rhyming styles (couplets, feminine & masculine rhymes).

This review may be found online at Amazon and Goodreads. A paperback copy of the book was also placed in a Little Free Library for others to enjoy.

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