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Thumbs up…because I don’t need them while the Instant Pot does the cooking

I can’t remember a recent kitchen appliance trend more popular than the Instant Pot. But as far as practical kitchen items that real people purchase, Instant Pot is high on the list (w/the Air Fryer quickly on its tail – I’m sure I’ll be reviewing that cookbook soon). “The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook” arrived on my doorstep for free via a promotional giveaway. It covers everything from the parts, process, preferred ingredients, tools, and actual recipes for every category of meal. It also contains a useful description for converting regular recipes to instant pot recipes.

On to the recipes…breakfast covers yummy recipes from lemon-poppy seed breakfast cake to Florentine omelet. I was pleasantly surprised to find the recipe for a honey-turmeric tonic the day I first picked up the book. My head cold had been killing me and this find was enough to keep me going. In addition to breakfast, there are sections on beans & gravy, soups & chilis, poultry, beef & pork, veggies & sides, dessert, and pantry. It is this last section that changed my mind from a 4 to a 5 star review. Having a soffrito, quick mayonnaise, or apple sauce ready at hand is a great way to take a semi-homemade meal to a fully homemade one.

In terms of quality of publication, the thick hard cover and heavy matte pages are perfect for a book in a well-used kitchen. While you could likely find many of the recipes or similar online. The utility of this one stop shop would be perfect as a holiday gift for the budding Instant Pot cook.

This review may be found online at Amazon, Goodreads, and LibraryThing. A hard copy of the book was also placed in a Little Free Library for others to enjoy.

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