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Let the 5 year old take it from here

Run, Banana, Run!” by Kitria Stewart, Illustrated by Keith Gannon, is a rhyming children’s book with simple illustrations. And had I not read it to my kindergartner, this would be a very short review. In summary, my daughter looooves this book.

It is the story of a banana preparing for a race, being cheered on by fruit bystanders, and ultimately winning. The banana is all one shade of yellow, the apple – all one shade of red, the grass – all one green. But my daughter loves to look at this book. The rhyme is such that all of the lines rhyme with all the other lines – with the same ending sound in each line. But my daughter loves when I read this book to her. Each page or page duo has one line of the story. But my daughter loves to read this story to me.

While so many children’s books today are written with a wink to the parents likely reading the book (some even using the parents as a story line – I’m looking at you B.J. Novak), this story is refreshing in its focus on what children like. Buy it from the store, borrow it from the library. If it’s for a child 3-6, I’m confident they will like it. My 5 year old guarantees it.

This review may be found on Amazon, Goodreads, and LibraryThing. When the kindergartner finally tired of it, it will also be placed in a Little Free Library.

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