A Feminist Love Story with Strong Roots

Louisiana Catch by Sweta Srivastana Vikram is a fast-paced read with relevant characters for our contemporary moment here in 2018. The main character works on women’s empowerment while still struggling with the demons that led her to see how important that cause is. Vikram’s writing is a similar perfect balance. The novel has almost the fast past feel of a dialogue heavy book ready for a screenplay. Yet, is filled with the necessary detail to make the reading endeavor that much more worthwhile.

Beyond the quality of writing, the main reason I love this story is the strong character serving as a woman’s rights advocate on which the story is centered. Vikram doesn’t shy away from including the abusive or emotionally wasteful experiences of her past, but rather than exploiting them shows the day in, day out mental work that goes into rising above and learning from those experiences from her perspective.

The main character, Ahana, takes us through her life in New Delhi, New York, and New Orleans. She has strong relationships with her family, who’s characters are richly drawn through her lens. Ahana’s professional life is both inspired by and made vulnerable (at least in her own mind) by an abusive past. She, like many of us, tries to get away from this past and yet is still working to make different decisions, not always successfully. Striving toward a realty that understands what true partnership and support looks like.

This story could be one written about any woman with an extended family that keeps her grounded. Yet, the beautiful details of the Indian family that it centers on feel like your own. Vikram has written the exact woman centered novel needed in our current times. The movie style writing would translate into a screenplay easily, and I would love to see that movie.

I received my copy in exchange for an honest review. This review is also available on Goodreads and LibraryThing. The copy I reviewed has been lent to a friend to read on my recommendation. She has agreed to place it in a little free library once she’s done to continue to spread this high quality novel.

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