Review Policy

This site grew out of two desires 1) to see honest reviews that reflect the readers most likely interested in that type of book and 2) to see a connection between reviews online and books in the real world.

The books reviewed here are ones arrived at through serendipity, not purchased. I purposely try to focus on independent and new authors, though some reviews will be of seasoned authors’ books or large publishing houses. If you are interested in having your book reviewed, feel free to contact me at Disclosure policy: I’ll state in reviews if I received a book in exchange for a review. However, as a policy I won’t disclose receiving books from close friends or family members who are authors, which account for about 5% of the books I review.

All reviews are posted to¬†Incidental Reviews. The books are placed in a little free library. Reviews of 4 or 5 stars are also posted on Amazon, Goodreads, and LibraryThing. Reviews below 4 stars will only be posted to those sites upon the author’s or publisher’s request. Since the reviewed books are gifted to little free libraries once reviewed, I can’t accept e-books.